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The Magic

At Girl&Bear we make beautiful things. It’s why we get out of bed in the morning. Whatever it is, we’re into it. And we do it with relentless energy and a complete commitment to craft.

It’s that little extra thing, the special sauce, the magic dust. It’s what makes good things, great. And we cast the magic over everything we make.


The Machine

But a modern global production company needs to do more than make beautiful, crafted work. Our makers need to know how to take a beautiful idea and scale it across all channels, in whatever format, or language, or version you need – simply and cost-effectively.

We’ve built the Machine that allows you to do all this, and more.

Too often you are asked to choose between craft or scale.

We do both.

This is the Magic & the Machine.

BEING nice

For us at Girl&Bear, how we make is just as important as what we make and we strive to work in a way that puts our people and our planet first. We call this our Be Nice Policy. 

Our Locations

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What we do


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The one where we used real people to create Nationwide’s voice

We've redefined Nationwide's approach to production and put the customers and their stories at the heart of our campaigns.

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The one where we built the world’s most popular venue, in the world’s biggest game.

Not able to physically get our customers to The O2 for over 18 months to enjoy Priority music and gigs, we built The O2 in one of the biggest virtual worlds, Fortnite, to allow our fans access to live gigs and the chance to win exclusive rewards.

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