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What we do

At Girl&Bear we are makers of everything. We work with a range of clients across a number of capabilities, some of whom work with us across just a few, and some clients who work with us across everything we do. Find out more about what we can offer below.


We have specialist 3D designers that can create sophisticated models or in depth environments using multiple render engines.
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From designs and storyboards to rendering and delivery, we have a team of motion design and animation specialists.


Using various methods from AR and VR to special effects, we are able to produce film and imagery with enhanced features.
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Copy & Transcreation

We deliver more than just literal translation. We work with our clients to ensure that their work resonates with their global audience.


We provide our clients with the world’s most intuitive Digital Asset Management system, which we use to store, manage and distribute all of their final assets. 

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Our designers are experts in crafting brand worlds i.e. logo and brand mark development, type design and consultation, design systems, art direction etc.

Digital comms

Not only do we have designers who can adapt large scale campaigns to digital format but we have creative coders who can develop concepts to take the media to the next level.

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We produce everything moving image, from a simple piece of online content, to global brand advertising campaigns, and everything in between, with creatively focused production teams tailored to each brief.

Marketing automation

We use best-in-class technology and software to automate repetitive marketing tasks, to make you more efficient and make your ads more effective.

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Finding a photographer is easy, finding the right photographer to match the budget is what we do.

Post production & VFX

We have built state of the art editing suites on-site capable of on and off-line editing and colour grading, equipped with 4K grading monitors and ultra-wide desktop display for editing, VFX and graphics. Our cloud based central server technology allows for ultimate flexibility, working seamlessly between office and remote locations and other Girl&Bear offices.

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Programmatic display

Our digital experts streamline production and increase the effectiveness of your display ads by using data to hit the right person at the right time with the right message.

Sound design, recording & mixing

Creating, editing and recording sound elements to accompany visual imagery or video.

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Social & Content

We have social and content specialists who can bring platform-native ideas to life. From integrated campaigns to reactive posts, our experienced team of brilliant designers and content producers can TikTok till they drop.


Our creative artworkers bring precision to every single design asset, ensuring consistency across all campaigns. 

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