The one where we used real people to create Nationwide’s voice


The Brief

Our Nationwide clients wanted to find a new way of doing things. They didn’t want just one big hero TV ad, they wanted all their customers voices to be heard and recognised all over the country.

Nationwide - hero

300 films and counting


From the outset, part of our role as the production partner was to redefine many decades of creating big TV ads, and we wanted to make sure our solution would not only maintain, but exceed the impact and effectiveness of previous campaigns.

The big ambition was to show off the voices of all Nationwide customers, so we formed a small mini team who were dedicated to lighting lots of little fires all over the country

Creatively, spoken word became our creative platform to best highlight voices nationwide, and so we commissioned around 20 poets to create test films and put together little mini ads complete with the end line to put infront of the clients, and they loved it.

From here we found regular poets who led some of our bigger TVCs whilst cracking on with briefing, commissioning, testing, approving, shooting and airing over 300 other films.

The results

300 films and counting. Minimum of £440k saved per TVC. 6 Makers.



Nationwide - press
Everyday people helping everyday people
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