Be nice

Our pledge

As Girl&Bear we pledge to create in a way that puts the planet and our people first, be it our environmental impact or our commitment to diversity and inclusion.

All our makers hold this principle at the forefront of everything we do. We are committed to making in the most sustainable way, with the least environmental impact while considering our responsibilities to our fellow humans.


We love to make, and we love our makers. They’re who we are.

We know makers come in all different shapes and sizes, and that’s what makes our work so powerful, so we make sure there are no barriers to working with us.

Grizzly – our fun, wild, working lab – is where all makers from anywhere can come in and experiment with us on live briefs and projects.

We are also committed to sustaining the most diverse and inclusive workforce, which is why we’re actively involved in VCCP’s Stoke Academy initiative, and we have partnered with JustRunners, BRiM, Brixton Finishing School and the SCA. 


We know that production can be one of the most harmful activities within our industry and we do everything we can to offset our carbon emissions and work with our clients to make in the most sustainable way.

We’ve teamed up with Greenshoot and AdGreen to follow shoot-by-shoot and industry-wide advice. To find out more about our approach to sustainable production, click here

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